Do Not Go Back On Your Promises, 343

“First, we’re happy to say that Halo: Reach in MCC will in fact have the same level of “mix and match” customization found in the original games (all the individual armor pieces, etc…). As to how it’s earned, we are exploring a new and deeper progression system that retains the feel of the old systems and blends them with newer models for game progression (all based on in-game play, no type of monetization or anything of that nature)” - Quote from Ske7ch on a Reddit AMA prior to Halo Reach flighting on PC.

Given the state and reaction to Halo Infinite’s Macrotransactions (Yes, I spelled that right.) the fact that 343 is even CONSIDERING adding this into MCC is insulting to every Halo fan out there.


I’m glad so many are being vocal about this. Even with the direct quotes that directly contradict their current plans I expect it will be pushed through anyway. However, there is no hiding the fact that MTX in MCC is incredibly unpopular to a large portion of the playerbase.

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Curious how this feedback is ignored going forward with like 80% visibility on the feedback channels. Will the excuse given become its own separate nonsensical scandal? Find out next time on 343inDUSTries.

Suppose we are buying into this being done in good faith, how bad of a day do you think they are in for with the “surprise” of reaction? The only possible outcome here was kicking a hornets nest at best, so the outcome had to be expected and yet they will feign shock and “listen to feedback” for their 343 grift bingo card. This is exhausting, the largest barrier to companies success lately has been staying out of their own way and no where is that more clear than 343i.

I think the same, I do not support mtx in MCC