Do marines and allies survive cutscenes?

Kind of a random topic but do any of y’all ever think about what happens to some marines and other allies during or after a cutscene is played? After all, I know I personally try to keep everyone alive up until the end of the level. What would you think is considered canon in this regard or what’s your head canon as to what happens to allies if it’s not obvious they got picked up in a cutscene? Do we assume that they died canonically?

The first cutscene that comes to mind when I read this is the one at the end of The Storm. In that level I like to keep everyone alive and equip them with the best weapons at the end. By the time Floodgate begins I’d imagine that a pelican picks them up for evac, nothing fancy. Though of course none of this is officially explained.

Depending on the cutscene in question, I would say most AI marines canonically die.

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> Depending on the cutscene in question, I would say most AI marines canonically die.

Yeah, I suppose that makes sense, especially in those Halo: Reach missions. It is kinda tragic to think that most of the allies that come with you never make it back in the end. They always end up going on what seems to be suicide missions with spartans. The war is so brutal that even the chief and other spartans can’t save everyone too :frowning:

You have brought back repressed memories of me keeping everyone alive at the end of 343 Guilty Spark only to hear them die one by one as GS whisks you away to retrieve the Index. Was internally screaming at Foehammer to hurry up and rescue the poor SOBs.

Special shoutout to the Marines you rescue on Gravemind. If any of them survive to witness Mercy’s demise, they definitely die when In Amber Clad brings the Flood to the party.

Depends on the cutscene

This reminds me of something I’ve seen only once or twice before, so I can’t remember what it’s called… Lemme try to explain:

During the cut scene before H2’s Outskirts mission, three Pelicans are shot down by a Scarab. One has the Chief, and two others are just filled with Marines that are presumed KIA or MIA I guess. Well someone made a live-action short story of sorts about one of those downed Pelicans. If someone on here knows what I’m talking about PLEASE include a link so I don’t sound crazy.

It Depends on what Cutscene we’re talking but I would hope they live.