Do John and Kelly actually love each other?

They have known each other for the longest time. They were part of the original blue team(John, Kelly, and Sam), and after sam died they grew closer. They have spoken to each other the most on and off missions, as well as the fact that they tease each other. John has referred to Kelly as his best friend more than once in the novels. Hell in Halo First Strike when Kelly sees John is alive she leaps into his arms and wipes her finger across his visor. And with Cortana gone I wonder if some chemistry will row between them. But ill let you decide.

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I think they’re just unrelated families.It is a business taboo to arrange a true lover for such a popular role.
Only pure soldiers, artificial intelligence and aliens, or people who have married and formed a family can be close to the Master Chief.

Yes, but not in a romantic way. She is easily the spartan John is closest too.

I highly doubt ii will ever become romantic because it’s not really halo’s focus.

A rather large dispute that sometimes comes up in the fandom is if John is closer to Kelly or Cortana.

Is John really able to fall in love ? After his chilhood, his life of war and all his lost ?

Do players really want to see John fall in love ? That don’t really go well with makee in the paramount tv show. I don’t like Chief because of hsi feeling, so I don’t want to see him fall in love.

Kelly is more a sister to John than a lover


More of a Sister from the way she’s depicted in Halo 5.

In the books, from what I remember, they’re really at odds with Chiefs Halo 4 depiction. Honestly the Spartan Programme is more like the XMen and it’s not treated very seriously by the authors. So I think you’re left to imply that they just had normal relationships when they were teenagers. Stuff like the Chief being given medals. Having normal conversations with people. Basically it’s more like the Guardians in Destiny, yes I died and that’s a bit grim but it’s all pew pew Saturday morning cartoon. Catchphrase machines. They don’t really treat these things seriously and they didn’t make a lot of sense with how they interacted with them. If it’s that bad why don’t you just leave? Why do you not resent them for these things? If you’re okay with it then what about the UNSC do you like? What does it say if you’re okay with the Gvt kidnapping kids and abusing them to turn into a Death Squad? These things weren’t really addressed in the early books. He goes through the training and then he’s just a normal soldier after that.

You don’t get the impression that he’s a Space Marine who has been indoctrinated into the UNSC, has no other life and no real self awareness of his situation. That’s just what fans inferred from his Halo 4 intro.

The reason people look the other way in Halo 4 is because it just makes a for a good story. Oh that’s why Chief cares about Cortana in Halo 3.


Didn’t 2 members of s2 black team have a non sibling relationship?