Do I REALLY need to port forward to kill lag?

Just a question. Is it really necessary? If so, is there an offica thread about it?


No you dont, i have suffered extreme lag since the update in december and after numerous phone calls to my ISP im finally sorted with no port forwarding.

I decided to try a wired connection after getting nowhere on the phone to start with.
I had open Nat settings on wireless and then on my wired connection i was greeted with strict.
I phoned my isp and they helped me go through my router to open the nat settings on a wired connection and im now perfect!

Very minor lag here and there but it seems to be when the servers are messing up! Ive really enjoyed my game time since doing this :+1:t2:

I don’t know if it’s necessary, but ever since I did I have had little to no issues with disconnects.

I only had to give my xbox a static IP and use an Ethernet cable.