Do I need Waypoint on my Xbox?

Quick question, is the Waypoint app a necessary requirement to have on my Xbox? If I could delete it for some extra space that would be great, but I don’t want to have to re-download it in case I can’t.

I don’t think you would need it at all unless you really wanted it. If you don’t use it might as well delete it.

It’s more convenient to have it on your xbox.

Videos cannot be paused on Xbox and you have to listen to 30 second adverts before some videos.

That I said I use Waypoint on Xbox a lot. Check out new weekly content, my stats, watch terminal videos and check for classified intel.

You don’t NEED it but it’s handy to have.

no. i never use it anymore. i just come to the website during work breaks, since i work in front of a computer.

The Halo Waypoint app on the Xbox 360 is currently the only way to view your CSR ranks on your Xbox.

Like everyone said, it’s not needed, but it’s handy. Personally I don’t use it because my Xbox is actually directly hooked up to my Desktop, and I can look up just about anything on my Desktop that I can on the Waypoint App.

Personally, I find no need for the app on my Xbox. I did use Halo Waypoint to unlock armor, vidoes and experience via codes. But, since I have reached SR-130, there’s little point in letting the app take up so much hard drive space.

Perfect, thanks everyone.

I rarely use it since my PC and Xbox are basically side by side and can quickly check stats get the latest info and browse the forum.
I don’t use the Xbox Waypoint because I have to end my game session to actually look at anything which is very inconvenient which makes it overall useless just for this reason.

I find the Waypoint app excels with the UI on the xbox. I find it the best Waypoint interface and watching quality to use. I just watched FuD again last night through it.