Do I Level Up Faster as Part of a Spartan Company?

Hey everyone
Quick question, I just joined a Spartan Company for the first time today (I was in one by myself since October but it never went active), and I seem to require less xp to level up now. Is this the case or has this happened for some other reason? I’m currently level 71, but when I was level 69 I had to get around 65,000 xp (I think) level to 70. For some strange reason, I only had to get 16,000 xp to get to level 71 and now I need 18,000 xp for 72.
I was accepted into the company at the exact moment I was promoted to level 70, so I don’t know which, if either was the trigger.
Any advice chaps? Is this a glitch?

Being part of a company wouldn’t change your level-up requirements.

Now I’m even more confused lol all of a sudden I don’t need anywhere near as much xp to level up for seemingly no reason

I’m pretty sure some rank xp requirements are weird like that, but overall you will gain xp if your company is completing challenges.

You do get xp for company commendations