Do I just suck at this game?

If your hardware itsy strong enough you will not do well in pvp. I have a series x and a xbox one. On the one the game is almost unplayable.

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I mean I guess if you are right once in your life it feels good to milk it for all its worth.
The upward trend or the stopping of player count loss on the low end actually isn’t an outlier now considering it repeated. Doubly so considering the amount of time the population is above given population levels is longer than previous days (so the integral of the population curve is getting larger) - average and median play time is also increasing (although this stat is a bit unclear if it is per player session or if it is total play time per week) . So yes I was wrong. But I’m not one to jump to conclusions based on minimal data. All I said was to wait for the weekend to see what happens.

Sometimes drink drivers drive home safely. It doesn’t mean they were right. You are the drunk driver in the analogy. “look at 2 days of data - therefore its gunna be 10k players sustained long term.” okay buddy, there are addressable issues with the game but the first 3 days after launch is not a representation of long term health, even if it coincidentally ends up playing out that way.

The game is fantastic but there are a few things that need improving.

Don’t care. Stay mad

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They nerfed aim assist to the ground despite being able to choose input in matchmaking. Not very bright. Glad to know there are still some sane people left in the Halo community pointing this out. Games have to be accessible first for new players, fun second for every player, and competitive third for longevity. Halo Infinite Warfare is none of those.

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aim assist fo controller on pc is bugged for some people (including me). it gives the controller mouse level acceleration curves and removes the aim assist (which is actualy decently strong when it works) by confusing the input with m&k. controllers on pc also have no red reticule.
for me the aa shuts on and of periodicaly (tested the sticky reticule. sometimes it is very sticky, sometimes not at all. at the same range)

this makes the game very much unplayable.
this, together with the lack of conent and atrocious customization/leveling leads to bleeding players

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thats the issue i have, this new halo plays and feels just like any other shooter on the market. Its lost its charm

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I have been mucking around with settings and still can’t get close to being competent in PvP. I have a standard controller and really looking at it, it’s half the problem. I need to get one of those expensive ones with all the extra buttons, especially underneath. I would then map those to the Y B A X buttons, or whatever, but also what would be good, for me anyway, is to have the front of the controller on about a 45 degree slope, with the top buttons being furthest away. Might have to look at getting a ‘Fit for the King’ controller.

I know how you feel brother.

All I want is to be able to play with low or no lag, latency, rubber banding or high ping. This could be possible but there is no option to filter out servers that are not in your region. So every game I try and play is just terrible. You can see your network statistics on the top right screen if your toggle it on in your settings.
Most games I’m getting are unplayable.
140ms to 150ms worst
60ms to 80ms bad
25ms to 30ms average
12ms to 15ms best if ever had.

Now put all that in how the game runs. Now add in more players that can kill you in 2 bullets and no matter how many you shoot at them or what weapon you cant get any kills. For the love that is all halo 343. LET ME CHOOSE WHAT SERVER I WANT!!

I live in rural NSW, Australia. It never crossed my mind to check this. I have just now done a test and I’m at 162ms. I regularly have problems even on MCC and 5. Just yesterday, my daughter was playing a round of Warzone Firefight. She was the gunner on a warthog and it was skipping all over the place.

UPDATE: We had rain overnight. This morning it’s 317ms

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I’m definitely finding it frustrating too and I seem to be worse at this Halo than Halo 5.

First it was the aiming which took ages to tweak to the point where it felt ok (although I still struggle in comparison to Halo 5)

Then it was the network/server issues which seem to lead to so many “what the F???” moments in nearly every single game I play.

Sometimes I get in a game where my ping seems good and I’m suddenly landing all my headshots and killing people really quickly. Other games it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, players just won’t die.

I really really want to like the game but I feel like I suck and I don’t always understand why.

I’ll still play for now because I love Halo and I’m hoping I’ll eventually get better or be able to pick my server region.
I’m glad stats can’t be viewed through the game otherwise I think I’d find it very depressing.

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Same here. I have been tweaking FOV, sensitivity etc. but just getting trounced.

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Be aware of how much you play and how much you train.

Halo is not the classic CoD / Battlefield dont kill 1-2 shots to everything and any “Rookie” can kill you with the aim-assist so strong that those titles have

How much do you play a day?

5 games at day bronze
10 silver
15 gold
20 platinum
30 diamond
50 onyx

That is more or less what you would have to “train” daily to improve, define how many games you are playing per day and there is your rank.

I’m in a rural area and the internet is not up to scratch. We get massive ping increases just because of some rain. My daughter was playing a game of warzone firefight on wednesday and I was in the room watching. She was the gunner on a warthog and it was lagging dreadfully. They were on darkstar down near the pelican. The warthog would be one second on the right of the screen then snap, be on the opposite side. She was having terrible trouble. My wife has been able to play some Infinite over the last week as she is on holidays. She was in BTB yesterday, on a wasp and she said the same thing was happening. It would snap across the screen. She also said that sometimes other players would snap across the screen as well.

Wanted to follow up on my original reply to this thread. After the initial week, matches seem to have gotten more even for me. I’m not sure if it’s due to tweaks made on 343’s part, having enough player data now for matchmaking to accurately create balanced matches, me getting used to the gameplay mechanics, or some combination of the three.

Whatever it is, I’m not constantly being stomped with endless steaktaculars and finding that I’m settling back into the familiar rhythm I’ve know where online Halo is concerned.

While I still have some issues with the game, overall the experience has been much improved.

Thought if I took the time to voice my complaints earlier, then I should make the time to voice my praise now.