Do Elites in H5 Campaign need an upgrade?

So we know that Spartans in Halo 5 are getting a significant upgrade to their capabilities in the form of new spartan abilities. While we don’t know the details it seems from the first beta trailer that they’ll have something to do with increased mobility and attack options.

Now, not everyone might have noticed this, but Elites in Halo have always been designed to be a direct equal to the player. They have the same defenses (shields over health) and the can do all the things that a player can do. They fight aggressively in the open without using cover til their shields are down, they juke back and forth trying to dodge your shots, they can drive vehicles, and they can melee.

Grunts are designed to overwhelm you with numbers, Jackals are designed to distract you and force you to flank them, but Elites are designed to face the player head on.

So with the new spartan abilities, do you think we should see Elites have similar movement and damage abilities?

Or should it be like Destiny, where the basic enemies are never really equal to you, and mostly fight like old Halo Elites despite Destiny’s Guardians having far more abilities than classic spartans.

I can see arguments for both, but I personally hope that all enemies change in some way to adapt to your new abilities. Grunts should probably be more aggressive and numerous to make up for your ability to dance circles around them, and shield Jackals should probably actually protect themselves enough that you HAVE to properly flank them, rather than being able to hit their hand easily from the front.

I feel like fairness is important to PVE design as well as PvP. I dislike it when it feels like enemies are up against unfair odds, and I don’t usually feel that way in Halo.

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