Do Campaign stats save without Xbox Live?

My gold membership expired last week so I was going to take the opportunity to play through campaign again but I wanted to make sure all my stats would save. So finding intel, completed missions with the amount of time it took me, etc, will all those save if I’m connected online but dont currently have gold? Thanks in advance brothers

I would assume so, since it’s all tied to the profile rather than the servers, is it not? Plus, you can still be connected online even if you don’t have a Gold membership, so you’ll still be connected to the servers regardless.

Not sure my campaign stats say I completed the campaign in 4 and a half hours and I was just goofing around searching for interesting things and collectables.

Was the campaign really that short how quick would it of been if I just played it through normally?

I also finished it when my internet was down.

i believe they should. not sure exactly

I was able to verify that my stats do in fact save if I’m connected online but don’t have xbox live gold. Thank you my brothers

Yes, been playing MCC offline, as soon as i tun Xbox LIVE on i get credit for the stuff.