Do bots in Bot Bootcamp count as killing enemy Spartans in challenges

Before the winter update, killing enemy Spartans in bot bootcamp would go towards kill challenges. I knew they didn’t go towards pvp kill challenges but now I didn’t get any progress for the challenge. It didn’t say specifically pvp in the challenge so is it a big or a new feature that will annoy me for life?

No. Bot Bootcamp is useless and not a worthy replacement for firefight at all.

Depends on the challenge. If it mentions PVP, then no, they do not. There are a few challenges that can be done in Bot Bootcamp though.

Maybe you should actually read posts before responding? Just a thought lol.

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i think there is a bug with some of the new challenges where they don’t mention pvp, but they are actually set to only register pvp. I actually got a pvp challenge completed doing bot bootcamp, so it might be that some challenges were flipped when coding them.