Do any maps have the Scorpion anymore?

Just saw in the Bulletin that the Scorpion on Exile is being replaced with a Mantis…as far as I was aware, that was the only scorpion online. I remember seeing one in the Castle DLC trailer for dominion…but the chances of getting that map? None :confused:

They seem to have retired it :frowning:

Will probably be on a new map or updated in an old map for the future though.

No more killing with it and no more blowing it up. Bye Scorpion. :frowning:

Interesting. There’s a commendation for destroying tanks. Looks like most people will never complete that, unless they add it to other maps in the future. But really, most of the maps in Halo 4 aren’t even big enough to hold a Scorpion. There are 2 reasons behind this:

  1. Simply enough, it’s a large vehicle with a long(ish) range cannon which (in previous games) was often used for semi-long range bombardment of the enemy.

  2. Due to its size and very slow speed/lack of maneuverability, it’s far too easy to destroy on Halo 4’s maps. This is worsened by being able to spawn with a Plasma Pistol.

Hopefully there will be some sort of large scale Forge map in the future (Forge Island, perhaps?) which will be able to properly contain a Scorpion.