DNF's on Service Record Unfair

OK, I can understand getting DNF’s in the case of leaving before a match is through, but I think he DNF system is broken. After I finish a match, I like seeing how much I’ve gone up with the XP. Well, there is no post-game lobby in Halo 4, so immediately after the game is finished it starts up a new search and before I know it I’m already at the voting screen. So, I get no time to leave the lobby that I’m currently in before the next vote starts… ok.

Now, here’s the real kicker. When I do leave the lobby, it counts as a DNF. And in-turn, it counts as a loss on my service record. This really screws up the record and I think it needs to be addressed and fixed.


I agree, I’ve got several DNFs on my service record too for the exact same thing.

1 legitimate DNF and 26 illegitimate. Sounds like I have fathered way to many children.


And if you start a game and everyone on the other team quits i think it counts as a DNF…

Although I’m not 100%

I agree 100% with this… really could screw up win/loss %… and its just darn annoying…

You throw in all these sweet commendations, armor and customizable loadouts, all this good stuff, and then penalize people for leaving in between games to check the stuff out!