I’m having a real problem at the moment where the game thinks I am not finishing games… this has meant I’ve been dropping ranks instead of gaining them.

Now I’m still getting my experience and I’m still in the lobby after with the people I just played with…

Is anyone else having this issue? Really annoying as I am trying to get 50 in BTB and I really don’t have much time to play each day. So obviously I don’t want to waste my time trying to rank up if CSR is going to think I’m last place every time I “DNF”.

I should mention that I have a 100mb wired connection

Do you actually remember playing in the games that list you as DNF? It could be that you are connecting to matches, but are automatically being dropped from them without your knowledge, and then connecting to another game.

What’s your internet connection and NAT rating?

Yes I definitely played them, it’s usually games that I won which is why it’s so frustrating… I just played against a premade with a 50 CSR and I think I would’ve ranked up from it.

I have 100mb fibre connection with -Yoink!- Media

It’s been happening since day one. My solution is simply don’t instantly back out the lobby after a match. Wait until you get the map voting option then you could back out. This would allow your stats to be saved. If it didn’t save at the end of a match. Otherwise I guess it’s just bad luck.

I believe the problem is when the game is migrating host, or dropping players because of lag. Whatever makes the game go into a lag screen seems to cause the system to think everyone has dropped out of the game. Even if the game continues after the lag screen it will still list everybody as DNF. Thus dropping your CSR rank.

I have DNF on my WayPoint history that I have recorded as Perfections in my File share…
Is a DNF not simply down to the host quitting?

I agree with the migrating host theory. It just messes up the whole match for almost everyone. I hate the black screen and scoreboard.