DNF? Wait What?

Supposedly I have around 19 DNF. Most of these games I/my team has finished 1st. Is this just a temporary glitch or what? I played Regicide today (my only ffa game) and I won handily, but it says DNF in my stats. What gives?

From what I’ve heard, there is unfortunately a glitch that makes leaving any after game lobbies count as a DNF.

That’s really unfortunate because now this DNF stat is going to be really off. Did I even get XP for it!?

I was wondering about that too, because I have not quit a single game and I have a few DNF.


Yeah, you get exp, it just marks those sessions as a DNF.

Happened to me as well. Quit after the game was over and before the next one started. Checked my stats and it said I was 7-1 with 9 games played. Was confused greatly