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Halo 4 has a huge problem with rampant DNF’s. It is the most annoying thing in the world for a person who cares about their win-rate to get a loss for winning the game. There must be an alternative system to implement other than simply giving everyone in the game a loss just because one person left. Sometimes not even the host leaves and it STILL gives me a DNF. I get DNF’s literally everyday and I can’t stand it. Please change something for MCC. IT IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME TO GET LOSSES FOR WINS.

In Halo 4, DNFs don’t count as losses on your record, so your win/loss ratio is unaffected–it’s as if you never played the game. When you get a DNF, the only thing that happens is that “incomplete games” increments by one. The number of victories and the number of defeats on your service record are unchanged.