DMRs and Snipers should NOT destroy viechles.

That is the job of power wepons. Serousily there used to be stragety in taking out the other teams viechle. You don’t even need to go get a rocket launcher or a laser to blow up a banshee. It’s just plain stupid how an unskilled person can set warthogs, banshees even wraiths easily on fire. I hope 343 industries can change this. The only thing I should fear are power wepons and other viechles.

The Sniper is technically an Anti-material rifle, so it makes sense, but I agree with the DMR. It’s like blowing up an Abrams with an M16. It just shouldn’t work.

Maby if the sniper wasn’t hitscan I would be okay with the damage it did to viechles.

The most one should really be able to do with something that doesn’t shoot armour piercing rounds (DMR, Assault Rifle, Magnum, etc.) is pick off the pilot. However, I can understand the reason behind making such weapons damage vehicles because balance takes precedence over realism (see: why Master Chief isn’t 1-hit-killed by every plasma pistol shot ever).

Well tough luck

I dont mind it but i suppose snipers have to be tweaked as only about two shots ( in firefight dont know in MM) kill a banshee easy.

DMRs are ok and i dont think they will be in any other game

I just hope this won’t be in halo 4

I’m with you , I hate the current vehicle health, every vehicle is a deathtrap. I use to love getting into vehicle vs vehicle combat, now almost anybody can take you out easily.

The DMR should stay how it is, the Sniper however…

Well that’s the way it is. Sniper is anti material but the DMR can’t demolish the tanks by itself < that’s an exageration. Even a team shot won’t put a dent into them and i have no idea why this is stuck in peoples heads.

Can’t say the same for the Warthog though. Focused DMR fire just rips that thing to shreds though once again, a lone solider can’t beat the vehicles without rocks, sniper or blueberries.

First, The DMR and The Sniper Rifle Are Anti-Matériel Weapons, But I Believe That The DMR Shouldn’t Destroy Vehicles So Easy, But, If We See The Bullets Of The Sniper Rifle, It’s Obvious That It Would Take Down a Banshee Easily. Now, What 343 Should Actually Do Is The Modify The Vehicles’ Damage Spots (Like The Head Of a Spartan or Elite, for Example), That Would Force The Player To Shoot With a Sniper In The Hood Of The Warthog, Or The Back Of The Wraith Or Scorpion, Etc…

Sniper Rifle should be able to destroy lightly armoured (but not heavily armoured) vehicles at particular critical parts (giving the weapon a degree of skill to use to take down a vehicle). DMR, never unless at close range or it hits the driver in the head (at which the driver should be ejected if not killed).

Meanwhile people complain the Banshee is overpowered when they can use their spawning weapons.

I think that it absolutely makes sense for the Sniper Rifle should be able to engage armored vehicles, since it is an anti materiel weapon firing a 14-5x114mm round.

the 7.62x51mm ammunition employed by the DMR, however, should only be effective against very light armor, but from a gameplay perspective I like that it is effective against the Banshee because that thing is quite the bother.


Multiple variants should work.

> Meanwhile people complain the Banshee is overpowered when they can use their spawning weapons.

Those same people go in with randoms, who don’t have coordination or communication to team shot Banshees out of the air. Then they wonder why the get spawn trapped by BTB teams >.>.The Banshee is powerful but to a point, it can be stopped.

You can only blame the game mechanics so much before you realize the tools are there to counter such things, it’s just utilizing them correctly is what makes the difference.

I agree wholeheartedly about the DMR. The sniper I am O.k. with, if someone wants to waste their ammo that’s fine but the amount of damage vehicles take from DMR fire is a tad high in my opinion. I would suggest just putting the laser or other anti-vehicle weapon on more maps. If done right it would also be a way to encourage more map movement

I agree for the DMR but not the sniper. It may be equipped with Armor Piercing Rounds

People saying sniper is Anti-Material, that means anti infantry, not anti vehicle

I agree. The Sniper Rifle is already deadly against infantry, and, with its accuracy, makes it able to destroy vehicles at very long range. Yes, other weapons can kill both vehicles and infantry, but you need to be close (FRG, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Launcher), or the weapon is capped by a low ammunition count (Spartan Laser). The Sniper Rifle is crippled by neither of these, making it somewhat overpowered.

> People saying sniper is Anti-Material, that means anti infantry, not anti vehicle

You’re thinking of anti-personnel.