I don’t get the big deal. If it’s the best gun then use it!

The issue isn’t exactly that people don’t want to use it.

It’s just that it shouldn’t be the best gun. Each loadout weapon should have a fair chance, and be good in different situations. (Which all but the DMR accomplish, Boltshot nerf seems to be working.) The DMR does have the drawback of low clip capacity, but when you die and respawn with it again, this is not a problem.

It needs a nerf or two, just to make it be the worst precision weapon at close range but the best at long range. (Out of the four non-sniper precision options.)

This way, things become more fair.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not ruining the game, at least in my opinion. It’s just that it isn’t as fun as it could be if the DMR was more situational.

Or, we can nerf it and thus make the other loadout weapons useful.

Because variety and balance are nice. :slight_smile:

No thanks, why would i want to use a DMR when i can dominate it every time with a light rifle if i practiced enough, stability mod makes this possible.It is imbalanced, whether you realize it or not.It has WAY TOO MUCH aim assist and bullet magnetism, this has been proven.Not to mention nearly non-existent bloom.Might as well just let the game play for you, if you prefer the DMR in its current state because by using it you are not winning because of skill.

I can assure you, DMR is getting nerfed, it has more complaints and hate than the boltshot which is getting nerfed.How it will be nerfed, no one knows… still anything is better than nothing being done.Since it will make the other guns in the game have a chance.

My hatred for the DMR began back when Reach was released, simply because I’ve always loved the BR. Now that they brought back the BR but made it inferior to the DMR, I’m just infuriated. I wish they were balanced, but if one gun has to be the champion, it should be the BR instead. :wink: