Hey so i play halo 5 guardians and i love the game.
But Im now level 48 and i still dont have the DMR yet. I wondering if its a unlocked when i reach a certain level? or do i have to continue using Req points to buy REQ packs
and hope that sometime il get the DMR.
I already have about 3 skins for it!!!

I have many friends that have it, its all on reqpacks, start prying to RNGesus. Trust me I feel your pain im level 53 and i don’t have it ether

The DMR is a Rare permanent loadout unlock. So just keep opening Silver or Gold Packs (or Rank Up packs) to unlock it.

Thanks for the advice guys :smiley: but may i ask whats RNGesus ??

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. aka chance. its how games decide what happens. RNGesus is a joke people pass around on the internet aka the god of chance in video games.

I got the dmr 2 days ago! When i opened the pack i looked at it and though ‘ok a dmr card, thats nice’ before realising it was a permanent loadout unlock and i became very happy indeed. Im level 51 so level has nothing to do with it. Also i got it in a silver pack.

I was a level 49 when I got my first DMR I believe… now I’m a 89 with only one rare one remaining.

Just open silver-packs. Don’t waste your Req-pointx for Gold until you have all, what you can unlock with silver. Trust me, it works better.

It took a long time for me to complete my DMR collection. The first couple took what seemed forever.

I’m level 64 and still don’t have it

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> Thanks for the advice guys :smiley: but may i ask whats RNGesus ??

Random Number Generator + Jesus = Random Number Gesus = RNGesus

I got my DMR at 48. I have only been opening silver packs, and got it through a silver pack.

I’m level 16 and just got it kek

I don’t know your pain as much. I got my dmr at around level 28 from the warzone req bundle. I hope you get it soon, though. Idk if you used it from dead teammates or something but it is good.

Got mine from a rank up pack @ level 62 :confused:

I was level 64 when I got my first DMR. No need to stressed out at your level :slight_smile:

I got 4 dmrs from silverpacks before lvl 60. Just keep going at the silverpacks.

I luckily got the silenced dmr with lv 30

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> I luckily got the silenced dmr with lv 30

Silenced DMR + advanced sensor is the way to go if you want to complete the commendation!

I got a DMR at rank 65

I was somewhere in the 60s I think when I got my first DMR. Can’t remember exactly.