How do I get the DMR in Halo 5? I bought 15 packs in gold, and reack level 30, but still havent the DMR… any idea??? =D Thanks.

You get it at random through REQ packs. I’m lvl 56 an still don’t have it.

Hopefully 343 Industries would fix this problem in their next update… hopefully…

I have all normal dmrs

You have a better chance of unlocking weapons by buying two silver packs instead of one gold. Having said that, I’m level 34 and still haven’t gotten my DMR either though.

It’s all RNG. You can get lucky by getting a DMR in a Silver or Gold pack. Silver will offer all the base DMR’s while Gold will offer all variations of the DMR.

I was around level 53 when I got my first DMR, now I’m level 82 and have just about all of the basic variations. It’s all luck to make us buy REQ Packs.

Hope 343 fix that if it is a problem, thank for you advices! =)

I just got my first one yesterday. Now I have five. All from silver packs.

Edit: It is actually six DMRs. All from silver packs. I am SR69.

dont do gold, do so=ilver and bronze until you get all the base cards, use gold to get a higher quantity of rare variations.

What rarity is a dmr? I’m 45 and no sign of it :confused:

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> What rarity is a dmr? I’m 45 and no sign of it :confused:

Uncommen I think. Or rare. 1 of the 2.

I have like 4 DMRs myself

so silver packs are better for getting the base gun and gold is were you will get the rare version of the guns?

I got mine from a gold pack. RNG is RNG

I got mine from a Gold pack just about a week ago, and I’m only lvl 28.

Dmrs are rare, i have two, they are silly high req level though. They are level 7