DMR vs. BR really? again. Think again.

Shut up.
Every logical person ever.

So what the DMR is slighty better than the BR, these two guns are light years ahead of most other guns you can start with. It’s a matter of choice both guns can be equal in the right hands. If you wanna complain why not complain about how you get 1700xp just for finishing a game and almost no xp for the stuff you do in the game. Now I know that the 3 people that actually might read this will say they did this to promote not quitting, why not just make it where you lose 2000xp every time you quit, yeah itll promote derankers later own but in game where we have no real trueskill 1-50 rank why does it matter all the people that stick with the game will all reach highest rank eventually, or you know you could just play the game. flame me.