DMR Unlock

Can you unlock a DMR in the silver packs? I’m level 51 and still have yet to get one

and yes i started with Bronze packs and then went to silver

Yes it is possible to unlock dmrs from silverpacks. there are only 2 though since only 2 are considerered Rare(Blue) the Vanilla Dmr and the one with extended mags. You can actually get the unlock from daily warzone win aswell. But since there are a whole bunch of sucky emblems and armors/helmets that you also can unlock from silverpacks the chances are not in your. I guess you could say tenacity is the key. Just keep on spamming silverpacks :wink:

Yes, and silver packs are the preferred way to get the DMR. Even though the vast majority of DMRs are Ultra Rare or above, they’re significantly rarer when you don’t have the base DMR unlocked.

I was in my high 60s or low 70s when I finally got the DMR. I did silver packs the whole way until I had like 20 commons left before I did bronzes to finish them up. That’s probably what made me take so long.

I’m still hoping, i am on level 3 commendation just from picking them up, but would love to have one of my own. It is my preferred weapon over the BR.

Yes, I now have two DMRs from Silver Packs… easiest way to tell is to filter your loadout weapons using the “Y” button and look at which ones are listed as rare. Do that, and you’ll see all of the possible unlocks for them.

thanks everyone

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> Can you unlock a DMR in the silver packs? I’m level 51 and still have yet to get one

yes, you are going to get them faster in silver packs… I got my first dmr at level 60…and finished silver packs at 65-70.
Keep at those silvers and you will get one soon.
( tbh I prefere BR anyway and im level 96 with 15 dmrs now.