DMR trouble

Hey everyone, it may just be me, but it seems like ever since 343 took over my DMR has gone nuts. I’ll have my reticle red and hovering over an enemy, but almost half of my shots manage to weave around the intended target. The other thing is, I keep my shots at a medium pace and have never really had this problem since 343 took over. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

(I’m not trying to hate on 343. In fact, I am optimistic that they are trying their best. I’m just frustrated with recent online troubles.)

I don’t think the non-Anniversary playlists have changed at all but over the last few months there has been a sharp decline in the average latency for matches.

The last few games I’ve played bordered on unplayable especially in the Anniversary playlists.

Reach is a dying game and with such low populations getting paired with geographically distant players will be more common resulting in poor connection more often.

I’ve noticed things have gotten a bit laggier, but I haven’t noticed a decline in my DMR skills.

The only playlists where you’d see any sort of decline in your DMR skills would be the TU Beta or Anniversary, as those don’t use the 100% bloom as in default Reach, and there is damage bleed-through.