DMR thoughts

Hey guys, i wanted to ask your opinion on the DMR. Personally, i think that the DMR needs to be nerfed, its time to kill is too quick and since its an extreme accurate weapon it completely unbalances long rage combat. I find myself too often in situations were a player starts shooting me with a DMR and i find myself completely hopeless, and its probably the most used weapon. In my concern, i believe games would play better if it took 5 shots to break a shield instead of 4, this would probably dramatically even out the ranged battles, but does this mean they have to nerf other weapons such as the light rifle which may replace its position once its nerfed? I would gladly like to hear your thoughts on this topic so please feel free to reply, thanks.

I think a slight rate of fire nerf would do, but recently I haven’t been having much trouble against DMR users…probably jinxed myself now…

…love the DMR…wish it was duel wielding!

@WolfBlade XIII
Then what do you think about the other weapons such at the AR and Carbine?

Balancing issues will be addressed in the next title update, hold off on these posts until we see what they’ve done with the DMR.

Where precision weapons are confirmned, ideally the BR, Carbine and possibly unscoped LR should receive damage buffs to reduce each’s shots to kill by one, and the DMR’s RRR should be dropped to match the LR.

Nerfing the DMR would make the precision weapons match up balance-wise, but would imbalance the lot of them against all power weapons and what with default Sprint allow for many more getaways and generally slow gameplay.

I think the gun is a little OP’d. That being said though I’d like a reduction to its aim assist and its range brought down to what the LR’s is, but I like the DMR’s kill time.

I’d rather see the other 3 precision rifles get a buff for their kill time instead of the DMR getting a straight nerf. That won’t happen though.

The only real annoyance I have with it now is that it is sssoooooo accurate at long range. You can effectively pin teams down at ridiculous ranges to curb their movement. Other than that I’ve been able to adapt to fighting against it naturally after playing so long. When to engage an enemy using, when to back off from a firefight, etc. I’m sure this is one weapon the next TU is going to address in some way.

All the DMR needs is a ROF nerf. That would solve all problems.