dmr/snipe customs

just lookin for someone that might wanna play some octagon, or some FFA’s or something. i am extremely bored and matchmaking is irritating me. also, i play for fun, so those looking for a d*** measuring contest will be disappointed.

gamertag: aeternum vaie - i usually appear offline.

Well it’s nice to know that other people are annoyed at all these “measuring” contests that many players online like to brag about.

I’m down for octagon at any time. I like zero bloom DMRs and sniper as secondary.

sweet. i’m on now. just invite whenever you like :slight_smile:

People that are looking for matches, friends, or clans to join usually go to the Recruiting section. I’ll move this thread there for you; you might get more replies that way.

still looking! just invite :slight_smile:

GT: aeternum vaie - appearing offline

I have a FFA map that deals with Snipers and DMRs. My Gamertag: M DooMknight