DMR ruins any chances of remade maps.

DMR would make Sandtrap, Avalanche, Blood Gulch, Zanzibar unplayable.
It already ruins the Valhalla remake.
It’s sad that 343 has to limit their choices because of one gun.
Please just reduce the magnetism and firerate.

Edit:On the other hand Lockout, Guardian The Pit, and Warlock would be a great map pack.
I only get to use the Br o Haven which sucks cuz its my favorite weapon.

I want snowbound and it wouldn’t be bad there. :slight_smile:

i agree 100%

dmr works well on warlock+cold storage+lockout j/s
(obvious AA start excluded)

But that’s just because they were so small that the BR/pistol wasn’t ever inaccurate on them.
And i’m sure guardian would be a good remake if 343 did it. (the tool and budget just isn’t there for us to remake it well).

while i do agree the DMR does ruin some maps i don’t find it bad that it “ruins remakes.” Its a new series and i was frankly upset when i heard halo 4 was launching with one. If there were to be any remakes ever have them be forged remakes that get put in matchmaking later.

and side note nerfing the DMR won’t fix its reign in BTB. It reigns in BTB because most of the maps that we have for btb lack any real cover to deal with a team of DMR’s. We need better maps like meltdown and vortex for BTB.

Hang 'em High would also be impossible to play with the DMR. Same with Containment, Isolation, High Ground, Standoff, Relic and Turf.

Boarding Action…my god…total nightmare. has setting that make BTB perfect and would work great with remakes. BR starts and DMR is a pick up. The BR shots far and still allows for ranged battles but it doesn’t shot so far that everyone is hiding and camping behind a rock the whole game.

yeah I would love the snow level and BR start ups and DMR pick ups would be ok

Yeah, I agree. I wanted SandTrap back, but the DMR would absolutely rape that map. So, it’s a no-go. Damn the DMR to hell.