DMR or Needle Rifle

Just wondering. I prefer the Needle Rifle by just a little bit, only becuase it’s automatic and it shoots needles.

Yeah, so, just wondering what you guys think…

I like them both.

With full bloom and TU settings, the needle rifle is so much better. Zero bloom, not so much.

I prefer the DMR.

Needle Rifle for two things : it’s an automatic weapon with zoom (brings so much memories of the God Magnum) and it has two ways to kill the opponent. The needle explosion way or the good old headshot way which makes a very versatile weapon in my opinion. But unfortunately, it lacks the effectiveness of the DMR on vehicles.

Whichever I pick up first.

I like using the NR, i even drop a DMR for it a lot of the time because i like variety. Its also quite a bit more accurate than a DMR by default, and i dont tend to zoom unless i really need to so it suits me.

I also really like the phhhvvvtt sound flying needles make, i like the combine pink explosion it does, i like turning people into dead unicorns with the headshot and i like shooting round corners with it. Its just a far more interesting gun than the DMR which shoots bullets and thats about it :3

Im bummed they went for the carbine in halo 4, its just a faster green version of the DMR. NR has much more personality. H4 carbine doesnt even do the satisfying pop and flying cartridge animation anymore :frowning:

I really enjoy using the needle rifle, the speed at which the bloom resets is about the rate I would fire a DMR if there was’nt a crosshair to tell when and when not to fire. So, I prefer the needle rifle.

Plus it makes AIs flip out with the tough luck skull on. Anyone notice that? Some evade, others armor lock, I find it a bit amusing to watch a highly trained elite or brute panic.

Needler is faster to shoot which is better with zero bloom. DMR gives more damage. But the 2 are my favourite.

Oh God, how can I choose?!

The Needle Rifle is probably the better weapon overall: low/no bloom, accurate, and even without getting headshots you can kill a target in three hits. It carried me through getting “A Monument to All Your Sins.”

But I think the DMR has more power and might pop shields faster. (If nothing else its rounds don’t bounce off armor.) Plus, and this is aesthetic really, it has a more satisfying sound.

So I think I’ll go with DMR.

I definitely prefer the DMR. The Needle Rifle makes for a good replacement when I can’t find a DMR, but I always pick up a DMR when I find one. While the NR is automatic and has reduced bloom than the DMR, I find the damage difference alone is enough for me to prefer the DMR.

the TU needle rifle has no spread at all which makes it practically as effective as the zb needle rifle,

bloom: dmr
TU: needle
ZB: dmr

DMR all the way.

Ya know, the needle rifle is almost like the carbine in the other Halos. The DMR is wicked PERIOD.

So for me, I love them both.

In Halo 4, my custom loadouts:
DMR, 2nd weapon, promethean vision
DMR, 2nd weapon, hard light shield
Carbine, 2nd weapon, promethean vision
Carbine, 2nd weapon, hard light shield
BR, 2nd weapon, promethean vision

Haven’t decided on second weapon yet :slight_smile:

I prefer the DMR over every other weapon in all of Halo. :smiley:

Needle rifle because I think the Dmr should is overpowered in Reach.

The TU Needle Rifle with bleedthrough was so ridiculously overpowered. I miss you buddy :frowning:

I go needle rifle every time, not only for the rate of fire and not only for the auto ability, but for that occasional bank shot kill that is just oh so sweet.

I like the DMR a lot.

I prefer needle rifle.