DMR or BR; still undecided

Since Tuesday i’ve been using the DMR with mixed results. But today i decided to strap on the BR and i’ve been having some fun with it. I thought it sucked? :slight_smile:

In my opinion the DMR is slightly better than the BR close range and superior at longer ranges. I am using the DMR and LightRifle.

Its funny I thought the DMR would be better than the BR, but working with both, it does wonders. I like the BR from Halo 4 than the one I used in Halo 3.


I really like the BR on Haven, Solace, Abandon, and Adrift and even though its a five shot, I think its better than the Halo 3 version. But the DMR is better for me on every other map. As for the Carbine and LR, I’ve been using them with mixed results.

BR is great at close to mid range while the DMR excels at mid to long range and can be very useful in close range if you don’t miss. I’m a DMR fan and I never use the BR unless I pick it up.

BTB: DMR. You can make the BR work if you pick good fights at closer ranges.
TS: BR all the way.

It’s a good thing that people are undecided about this; it means one gun isn’t the obvious OP go-to weapon for everyone.

Personally, I have made a few different loadouts based on likely gameplay styles:

Close Quarters (Assault Rifle with shielding and dexterity)

Medium Range - usually my infinity slayer loadout (BR ,thruster pack with AA efficiency and ammo)

Longe Range - Also my BTB set-up (DMR, plasma pistol, Plasma grenades, Jet Pack, AA efficiency and ammo)