DMR opinion

What’s everyone’s opinion on the dmr? I feel like it’s a lil too over powered and the range on it rivals a sniper rifle

It’s not overpowered at all…

Every other precision weapon is simply garbage.

And the DMR is not even close to a Sniper Rifle rival… The Sniper is so easy and you cannot get descoped…

^ says you. i wreck with the BR. the carbine isn’t that bad and the LR im just starting to use.

BR or DMR are easily the best weapons you can start out with (from a load-out stand point)

No reason to use any other guns.

I think the lr is the best gun but I feel like the dmr is really strong compared to other first unlocked guns.

I agree that it’s a little OP. I was really hoping that this loadout system would offer a bit of variety on the weapon battle front, however no matter what game mode i play it’s always the DMR that I’m up against and feels dominant and long range and short range.

Still feel the BR needs to be beefed up… but then again I’m a BR fan boy :stuck_out_tongue:

Not overpowered at all. I can own with the BR against it. All weapons are balanced to me.

The br and dmr are the only guns so far that I WONT use. I dont like their feel but thats just a matter of preference. I love the alien weapons and AR and im about to unlock promethean weapons.

i don’t think it’s overpowered at all, i use the carbine and i never have problems, most people are so used to fighting DMR/BR users that the carbine seems to put them off. at least, thats what it seems like to me.

It just seems like it’s op cause if the range on it plus the power

I primarily use the light rifle but depending on the map, I switch to the DMR or BR, and I can honestly say the weapons are very balanced, I’ve dominated with all three against all three (I’ve only encountered one carbine user so far), and I’ve been bested by all three as well. It really comes down to skill and tactical usage, such as taking advantage of the effective ranges