DMR Nerf NOT Announced Thread

Hope you all enjoyed my trickery in my old thread. For those of you who didn’t: take it easy; just a joke and it was taken care of by the moderators for you.

To continue this discussion, by permission from a moderator, I will start by thanking those for the input in the discussion. I must stress my point in this entire thing: I am NOT denying that the DMR is better than the BR. I am NOT disagreeing with the useful statistics that have been presented. I AM stating that this has more to do with which gun is dominating.

Soulburnin: “This isn’t about nostalgia for the BR. It’s about it being underpowered in comparison with the DMR, which is why a lot of us are requesting a BR buff or DMR nerf.”

Soulburnin: “No where once did I say the BR needs to be dominant. I said they need to be BALANCED.”

Rokklaggio: “Not to be that guy, but [Soulburnin is] correct, Ceddy. It’s not nostalgia because he favors the BR.”

To you two:

You both are simply wrong and are failing to see why you are saying what you are saying. Soulburnin: WHY are you comparing the BR with the DMR? Why aren’t you complaining about the Carbine? The Light Rifle? Why not? Nostalgia. Why does the balance have to involve only the BR? Nostalgia. Why only a BR buff and not the other two also? Nostalgia. I am not saying the BR does not need a buff. (If something did happen, I’d rather a BR buff than a DMR nerf, for the record.)

Like I have said before: If the BR was king like in the past, you all would be playing, rather than reading this. As a business man, I see this as a mistake that 343 made in not making the BR the best overall weapon. My stance, however, is what’s done is done. Use the DMR until something happens. If you choose not to, then don’t complain when a better weapon beats you! It is your own fault! It’s like me complaining that a BR user in Halo 3 keeps beating me 1v1 when I only use the AR, and love the AR, and refuse to even the playing ground with the BR user by using the BR.

RELYTNING: “If the BR and the DMR switched ranges and kill times, then the BR would need the nerf.”

Your logical reasoning is absolutely sound and I couldn’t agree more. According to this discussion, the BR would indeed need the nerf. HOWEVER, IFFFFF they did, in fact, switch, like I explained, then NO ONE WOULD BE CRYING NERF! No one would be complaining because the BR would be on top and these BR lovers would be completely content.

My conclusion to this topic is that the BR needs to be the dominant weapon to make the DMR nerfers happy. That is the solution to this complaint. It has nothing to do with balance and all that crap because the wouldn’t even be looked at if the BR was on top.

I like the game the way it is (in terms of weapons, that is!) But if I had to pick something, I guess it would be a BR buff. (And for HELL’S SAKE, make it sound like a gun and not a toy!)

P.S. If you still intend to deny your nostalgia, then you are a person that cannot be argued with. You are the donkey on Family Guy who says Kevin Bacon did not star in Footloose.

it needs to be a DMR nerf, from my view just add it some bloom, cause this gun wrecks at ALL ranges, the BR is just good at it´s range, same goes for the lightrifle and carbine, hell! giving the BR a buff is the must stupid thing that could be done, it will be surpassed by the DMR´s hitscan and x3 scope, the buff will only make the BR dominate close range weapons, and they will become useless.

The DMR functionally is very similar to the Halo CE pistol, it has range, accuracy and burst damage. So I ask what could possible be more nostalgic than the Halo CE Pistol?

DMR is absolutely fine.
BR needs a slight buff in range.
Carbine needs a slight damage boost.
LightRifle is absolutely fine.

I think the DMR should be toned down a lot.

It’s like spawning with a miniature Sniper Rifle, and it’s even effective in close quarters.

I was using it in a match, and I was being sprayed by a guy with an AR at about ten feet away, and I still managed to pull off five shots and kill him.

The gun is just overall unfair. I only use it in Spartan Ops, so I can spare the few who don’t use it online.

> The DMR functionally is very similar to the Halo CE pistol, it has range, accuracy and burst damage. So I ask what could possible be more nostalgic than the Halo CE Pistol?

that´s exactly why i mastered my magnum commendation first…