DMR Needs Nerfed? NOT the problem!

We all know the DMR sucks sometimes. (when people use it) However, I can kill someone easily with my storm rifle or light rifle. The only thing that should be changed is the BR should be buffed. It is the worst rifle of them all and that is not what people wanted. The BR should be the absolute best rifle (burst/semi) at mid-close range. DMR should not be able to beat it and that is how 343 was claiming it to be. Argue if you want but this is nothing to do with “personal preferences” I have watched the hit tests and BR is terrible and there is no way it should. It is also not just because people are used to Reach and is why they chose DMR! It is just very strong but BR needs buff’d.

Your joking right? The BR is semi hitscan… you are guaranteed 1 shot if the cursor is red regardless of distance.

It also a medium to close range weapon not a medium to long range weapon like the Carbine Light Rifle or DMR. . .

It should suck at long distances.

P.S I have only 300 kills till master with BR and I see no problem with it comparable to other rifles.

The BR is almost as good as the DMR. Stronger at short-range, weaker at long-range, pretty much the same at mid-range.

I don’t think it needs to be buffed.

Yeah the BR doesn’t have to even be aimed at me for it to kill me. I’ll watch killcams where the reticle is red, even though its not on me, and it’s still doing damage to me.

Guys, I think the easiest and most non-partisan solution to this debate will be to follow the opinions and weapon statistics of MLG players. Balance for them is balance for all.

7 DMR’s to one BR in every MLG match? Definite problem. Slightly skewed numbers? Not a problem.

Makes sense?

BR is absolute garbage! You guys are crazy! Try using the DMR and you will be bossing. Or they did buff the BR a tad because I was owning with it just last game hahaha.

I think the LR needs a slight buff. When it is unscoped it is absolute crap.

The BR is my weapon of choice, everything you are saying is wrong.

The BR is slightly OP, if anything. Bear in mind that there are plenty of people like me out there who hate the BR with a burning passion (I’ve been a passionate AR lover since Halo: Combat Evolved), and don’t think that the BR should be able to dominate over all other weapons.

I agree I think the best fix for the DMR is to make it either a 6 shot or slow down the fire rate so it can’t go toe to toe with any weapon in the game and annoy from close to any spot on most maps. As for the BR I think it’s right where it should be.