DMR is OP!!!

Well, that got your attention. Sorry if you came here to rip on me, but I lied.

Actually, I’m here to complain about Covenant weapons in multiplayer. Seriously, do you even see anyone using them?

Don’t answer that because I know you haven’t.

They are complete and utter junk compared to the shiny and overdone UNSC weapons, and to some extent, Forerunner weapons.

The Storm Rifle overheats too fast for it to be viable against its ammo-based counterparts. While some guy is shooting me with an Assault Rifle on full auto, I have to burst. If I don’t, my gun overheats before the other guy’s gun runs dry. I It can’t resupply either.

The Carbine is okay…in theory. In practice you have to really spam the trigger to achieve max lethal capacity. The DMR or BR have much less demanding firerate-damage combinations; that means less finger fatigue and less need for constantly being on target. The Light Rifle is like a BR when unzoomed and a DMR when scoped in.

The Plasma Pistol has its use as a shield disabling tool. However, the Boltshot does the same thing in reality, but better as it is a shotgun when charged. It also has no cooldown, can resupply, and can actually achieve clean kills and headshots. The Magnum is also better for the same reasons except that it can act like a DMR as well.


I am SR 44 and see a covenant weapon used in a load out almost every game. I personally don’t use them because I am working on the UNSC Load out Mastery, but regardless they are used Carbines and Storm Rifles both.

The plasma pistol is also heavily used.

To top that off the carbine will out shoot a DMR anyway, just by sheer rate of fire.

I think your QQ has no real evidence.

What do you play? Infinity Slayer, KotH, Regicide? Do you play with friends, randoms, who? Every random game I enter starts with the sound of a DMR or BR, and ends the same way.