DMR in its current state

Do you like it or hate it?

Personally, I just hate the range, there’s no getting away from it with these open maps

In 4v4 I see it at par with the BR/LR/Carbine

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i personally don’t mind it most the time but it is annoying on big maps. i have to use it 100% of the time or lose. one team always gets spawn trapped on exile. it seems to be ruining halo.

No, it totally ruins Big Team (AKA Ragnarok and Exile) because you spawn and instantly get DMR sniped form the other side of the map. I think if they reduced the magnetism, it would be a lot better.

All of the yes voters are either A)Avid DMR fan boys or B)Do not understand that the weapon has advantages over all other starting weapons at every range except when face to face.

Hate it. Stupid little Overpowered mini-vehicular killer sniper piece of -Yoink!-… -_-

We can only hope they nerf the new noob combo- dmr/boltshot… I love how they nerf the first noob combo but then replace it with a new worse version…

> Overpowered mini-vehicular sniper killer

lol you got that right

People just seem to complain about it because they constantly lose to it.

I’m actually finding that the LightRifle is a good getaway from the DMR.

> People just seem to complain about it because they constantly lose to it.

that’s the problem.

> People just seem to complain about it because they constantly lose to it.

And do you know the reason for that? Because it’s an Overpowered weapon that should have been left in Reach and it can just DIE WITH REACH for all I care. I don’t care if it’s another weapon that killed me, that stupid DMR is the reason why I can’t stomach more than 5 War Games matches anymore, it was fun when I was at SR-1, now look at what I have to deal with at SR-88!

Hate it, I only use it bc of course I have to use it to cancel out the dbags on the other team.

Do you guys think it is a good idea to reduce the range of all precision weapons (excluding sniper rifles)?

Like it.

To me it needs an Rate of Fire Nerf thats all.

Anyone that says yes is a shameless tool.

I started going after BR commendation mastery first. Loved it, never had a problem vs. DMR.

Switched to DMR once I mastered BR, took a bit to get used to after going BR so long, but now I like the DMR as well, still no problems vs. DMR.

I think once DMR is mastered, DMR and BR will be assigned to loadouts based on map size and gametype.

I remember this same debate when the 4-shot BR dominated Halo 3. Doesn’t matter either way, if it’s not the DMR that’s OP it’ll be something else. Soon everyone will be playing Nerf war.

I love the DMR, that being when I used to use it.

I started off with the DMR not knowing how nasty it is. Once I mastered the DMR commendation I moved on to the BR and I realized how much the BR sucks. I could start laying into an enemy before he even sees me only to have him turn and DMR me before I could take him out.

Yeah, I’m not the best BR user but still. The light rifle isn’t as bad but everything that’s not a DMR sucks as a loadout weapon. I’d rather use my magnum over a BR now.

Nerf my DMR if you must or buff the carbine and BR… Just balance it.

I’m not going to lie, I like it. I’m fully aware that it’s broken and that it’s not helping out map movement and game flow on tons of maps (I’m looking at you, Ragnarok), but for whatever reason people still choose to load out with ARs and BRs. I’m assuming that they’re working on commendations. In any case, as long as they want to give me the upper hand from game start, I’ll take it.