DMR headshots from behind

Is anyone else having a tough time finishing enemies off with headshots from behind?

It’s not my aim (unless I’m not supposed to be aiming at the head). I get sniper headshots frequently because the bullet travels through the body. With the DMR since it stops at the place it hits, I feel as though it’s really tough to get a headshot on an enemies whose shields are down and who is running away from you.

My crosshair is right on their head but the bullet hits their body hitbox before their head and it’s extremely frustrating.

Am I supposed to be aiming a bit above their head or below to actually pull off consistent headshots on enemies with no shields?

This is something that is inherently, and properly so, difficult. Spartans have a lot of armor sticking up back there. You have to aim at the very top of their head.

It doesn’t look like it from a straight on shot, but realize that when they are running they are pitched slightly forward.

Okay, so slightly above their head then. I’ll give that shot (haha).

Well, in my case if I’m running away and someone is shooting at me I will look down at the ground which lowers my head making it harder to hit me with a headshot.

Very interesting.

Had this happen to me a few minutes ago. Broke their shields and hit 2 perfect headshots while he was running. nothing.