DMR and BR Fundamentals (PSA)

Somehow people are still running around misinformed. Let me help you…

Take-home message: you are better off using a BR on smaller maps.

There are only 2 downsides of the BR vs the DMR on small maps: 1) 2 less shots in the clip, and 2) less aim-assist range (less important on small maps but to be fair is existent). On a larger map you have the spread (and zoom) that makes the BR not so effective, but that is why I suggest using the BR on small maps.

What you gain: the ability to 4 shotwhere the DMR would be a 5 shot.

Did you throw a grenade and just scrape their shields? 4 shot BR kill, 5 shot DMR. DMR shots not bleeding through shields is such a big deal that it is absolutely fascinating how often it is ignored.

You do not need every bullet of each BR burst to hit and still be a 5 shot kill.

The rumor of a DMR killing faster than a BR is sham. (Try it yourself).

Think of this as a public service announcement.

Your wrong about the BR not having to hit every bullet. It doses or it becomes a six, seven shot depending on how many missed.

Actually I’m dead on. You can miss 2 bullets of the 15.

Want an easy way to test? Stand in front of an idle player and fire 4 shots. Their shields are down. It’s now only 1 bullet to kill (2 wasted).