DLC will be finally be supported!

I’m glad they are going to give us a DLC playlist but I’m not happy to see that it will only last for 2 weeks two times… I just wish they gave us a Rotational DLC playlist instead. But atleast they still support Halo 4!

Halo 4 is more than one year old, and 343 Industries is still dedicated to keeping
a fresh experience for the game’s matchmaking. When the game first launched, special playlists known as ‘rotational playlists’ were trialed. After a few months, these type of playlists stopped. However, recently rotational playlists have returned, offering special hoppers for two weeks before being removed.

Below is a list of the upcoming rotational playlists in Halo 4 for the new year.

Big Team SWAT (8 vs. 8): January 6th, 2014

This type of playlist will be the first of its kind. In the past, Halo has only offered 4 v 4 and smaller team variants of Team SWAT.

Expect big maps, big player counts and lots and lots of headshots.

Team DLC (4 vs. 4): January 20th, 2013

Halo 4′s DLC wasn’t the most popular amongst players, meaning normally, it never shows up in Matchmaking. The lack of a DLC playlist really doesn’t help solve the matter either.

Coming on January 20th, a DLC playlist will be added for two weeks to hopefully satisfy your DLC needs.

Big Team Heavies (6 vs. 6): February 3rd, 2014

This gametype mades its debut back in Halo 3 when Bungie still ran the show. It features heavy weaponry and vehicles being a lot more common. Heavies made a return in Halo: Reach once 343 Industries took over the franchise, and was a huge success to the players.

This gametype will be returning on February 3rd, 2014 for two weeks as a 6 vs. 6 playlist rather than an 8 vs. 8. It is possible we could see this gametype introduced into Big Team Battle after this playlist is retired, but time will tell.

Big Rumble (12 Player FFA): February 17th, 2014

This gametype is also the first of its kind to Halo. Rumble Pit was orignally added earlier in 2013 as an 8-player FFA playlist which was received well widely by the players. To mix things up a little, Big Rumble will be added on Feb. 17th, 2014 featuring 12-players.

More details will be revealed on this playlist once it draws closer to release.

Medal Madness: March 3rd, 2014

The only known information about this playlist is the description:

“Earn medals to help your team win the match.”

Team sizes and details will be announced at a much later date.

Extraction (5 vs. 5): March 17th, 2014

Extraction had a pretty shaky introduction into Halo 4. It shipped on-disc like all other gametypes, but had no playlist in Matchmaking for months. It was eventually introduced into Matchmaking in the Crimson DLC playlist. A standalone playlist eventually launched, was deemed unpopular for a permanent playlist and merged into the now retired Team Objective playlist.

On March 17th, 2014, the playlist will return for a two-week period, offering 5 vs. 5 gameplay of Extraction on plenty of maps.

Squad DLC (6 vs. 6): March 31st, 2014

This playlist will clone Team DLC, except it will have a 6 vs. 6 offering rather than a 4 vs. 4 offering.

Ninja Assassins: April 14th, 2014

No details have been announced on this playlist as of yet and more information will be coming in the following months.

Safe to say, this playlist sounds bloody awesome.

No permanent DLC playlist was yet another huge missed opportunity to actually deliver to the community.

DLC is hard enough to find as it is and having a playlist that guarantees it for 2 whole weeks in January and another 2 weeks in April is a slap in the face.





Sounds so fun!

I wish slayer would go to 5v5 like it was in Halo 3. I miss that. I like that there will be a squad DLC playlist but the population will be so small.

i came here looking for posts on updated DLC and im really disappointed in this company.
We who paid for DLC should have a permanent playlist for it. Even halo reach needs this. I cant remember the last time I played Anchor nine or a defiant map pack in reach.
halo 3 STILL has a DLC supported playlist. How can halo 4 not have this? They take away game types like multi team out and replace them with nothing. If 343 wants to ever compete with BUNGIE in the halo series look at what they have and copy it 100% then add in whatever they want.
343 focused so much on the competitive community and look what thats done…nothing.

please for gods sake add in a dlc play list to halo reach and halo 4 so we can actually play the maps WE paid for. its pretty easy 343.

Im a fan of bungie and 343 and really hope they can support us in such easy ways such as this.

Rotationals don’t satisfy a permanent need.

> Rotationals don’t satisfy a permanent need.

no they certainly dont. its nearly impossible to get the achievements in halo reach and halo 4 due to the lack of DLC owners. Not only that but playing the same maps over and over just gets boring and i go back and play halo reach and 3 now just to get a mix because halo 4 is so bloody boring now.
Im sorry but a temporary playlist for DLC and multi team sucks. If they had an XP system then these playlists would be worth playing butttttt they dont

> Rotationals don’t satisfy a permanent need.

It’s at least better than not having a DLC playlist at all.

If I only own some of the DLC will I not be able to play in this playlist? Or were only certain DLC’s required?

Permanent DLC playlist. 4v4 Team for a couple weeks, then big team for a couple of weeks. Always have 1 going. Then I could actually go for the DLC achievements.

I don’t understand why this would even require a discussion frankly.

I never really liked the idea of a perm DLC playlist. I like variety in playlists and usually there is like only one gametype in a DLC playlist that i like.

> I never really liked the idea of a perm DLC playlist. I like variety in playlists and usually there is like only one gametype in a DLC playlist that i like.

Problem is that many people don’t have the DLC, either because they aren’t impressed by the content or, like myself, they heard ABOUT how bad the DLC system was and didn’t want to pay out money for content they probably wouldn’t be able to use. I had this same experience with Reach on the other side, and I was far more apprehensive with paying out money for Halo 4’s content.

A DLC playlist would satisfy these people’s problems. Sure, it probably would be only one gametype, but I’d rather play just Slayer on the DLC playlists than not play the DLC at all, right?

For the record, there has been such a thing as “Big Rumble” in Halo’s past; there was a temporary playlist in Halo 3 called “Mythic Brawl”, which featured 12-Player FFA on big maps such as Sandtrap and Avalanche.

> > Rotationals don’t satisfy a permanent need.
> It’s at least better than not having a DLC playlist at all.

I’ve been expecting this comment and yes it is better than nothing, but like most things 343 do it doesn’t solve the problem, which is where I reserve my credit for 343. The solution to this problem, in my opinion, is separated by nothing but arrogance.

> Rotationals don’t satisfy a permanent need.

52 people in a permenant playlist also doesn’t satisfy a permenant need.

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I have to say that this is the issue that has really been my ONLY complaint with Halo 4. I think that if you offer some PRODUCT to a CUSTOMER you should ensure that they are able to USE that PRODUCT whenever they want and as many times as they want. I am happy that I’ll have a couple short windows of opportunity to do that coming up in January and April (why spaced so far apart though), but I think that there is no reason why this DLC playlist shouldn’t be a PERMANENT THING!!!

As we all know there are 4 or 5 different playlists that CONSTANTLY have HORRIBLE population numbers (less than 500-200 players ALL DAY) and there is one which is the last one on the list (very bottom) which NEVER breaks 200 people (most of the time its at like 78 players) and there is NO reason why those could not be replaced by one Team DLC playlist with varying game types, and one BTB DLC playlist with varying game types.

I know that A LOT of CHEAP A-HOLES didn’t want to PAY for the DLCs because they are either too spoiled and want everything for free… or their “too poor” because if they did buy the DLCs they wouldn’t be able to buy their new crappy recycled COD game. I also know (personally from some people I’ve played with online) that their boycott of the DLCs really drove some other people (who would have bought the DLCs) away from doing that.

But I guess my question for 343i is kinda simple… Who would you rather show support toward 343i?

Would you support the people who buy your games and ALL the extra products that you guys worked really hard on producing for us so we can have an even better gaming experience with more variety and more in-game fun, and therefore encourage other friends and family to buy as well?

Or would you choose to support the people that whine and complained about EVERYTHING about the game and every extra DLC they have to pay for (which I’m sure includes stuff that is even on sale 50% off) and boycott your products because they aren’t satisfied that they “got enough game for the money they spent” so they can go home and shove another nickel in their greedy little pockets?

I myself couldn’t be happier that the people who bought the DLCs are getting their wish, and I hope that the people who bought the DLCs all come out to show SUPPORT for this decision by 343i…

Do this by buying the DLCS (its money better spent this way than on another crappy recycled COD game) and getting online and playing the DLCs, and I PROMISE you will have more fun with more variety in maps (talking to the people who play on only Haven, Ragnarok, and Adrift).

I also hope the numbers dramatically jump for the DLC playlists and leave naysayers and critics of Halo 4’s DLC packs wishing that they wouldn’t have bought their newest CRAPPY, recycled, Call of Duty game… really I mean how many times can you play zombies before you wanna bash your head into a wall??? Halo 4 is SO much better than that!!!

Anyway I’m Done… Good Decision 343i

> I wish slayer would go to 5v5 like it was in Halo 3. I miss that. I like that there will be a squad DLC playlist but the population will be so small.

Absolutley not, please dont do this.

If you want to make a 5v5 then make a different playlist for it.

They really seriously need to stop this rotational crap and start making these additions permanent. Seriously. Please.

They should have a permanent DLC playlist, but with rotational DLC requirements. For example, I only have the Champion’s Bundle DLC, so I won’t be able to play in this playlist because I don’t own the rest. But if it was on a rotation, then maybe the Champion’s Bundle would be a one week period and it would just rotate to each map pack weekly.

I second what donut said.

make the dlc free. i bought all the dlc and i think it should be free to all players at this point. a dlc playlist will be low population really fast. the population is 15k to 20k nightly we dont need more playlists further dividing the population.

Here’s the problem with dlc not showing up in matchmaking (I’m referring to the current playlist that require none.) Not a lot of people bought the dlc. And some of those who did complained that it didn’t show up enough. So if someone saw the complainers opinion that it didn’t show up they might not but it because they couldn’t use it in MM, decreasing the amount of dlc bought even more, decreasing the possibility of it showing up by EVEN MORE. So if the person who didn’t buy it based off other people’s opinions, deciding to state his opinion that others shouldn’t buy it, its then a infinite loop that just decreases the odd of dlc maps ever showing up. And to that note. I agree that a permanent dlc playlist like donut said would work really well