DLC vehicle content ??

I’m no game programmer , and don’t even know if the implications are possible … But could new / loved vehicles appear / return in future Halo 4 DLC ?? Just something I was thinking …I mean its been pulled off before with Borderlands ??

I thought the same thing. But it seems 343 made Halo 4 with the ability to properly implement new content (many games are investing in such abilities). Instead of a new map or item having to be partially on the disc, they can now add entire content.

It is possible…but then it would cause alienation in the game where the community is split between people with DLC and without.

This will affect Forge as well and custom games if they implemented new code into the game(if it isn’t in the game already).

If it does happen then it will most likely be secluded to a separate playlist section.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love more vehicles, but I don’t think we should be charged for that…

They could add new vehicles, gametypes, and armor as free DLC if they coded the game like Xerkos said. Thus, no divide between the community. I think people would be happy with free dlc. 343i can charge money for weapon skins and armor skins, since those are just pure cosmetic.

Realistically speaking, if they add new vehicles, it would only be for new maps. Halo 3 had a special Hornet on Avalanche.

New vehicles would only be on new maps.

Hopefully they do add that ind of stuff. Thing is that it would never be free.