DLC Tie-In Idea for Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite

Imagine this.

A 7 mission DLC for Halo Wars 2 in which the UNSC Spirit of Fire managed to restore their Slip-Space Drive, they attempt to follow the coordinates to the Installation 04-C that Dr. Anders had gone on, only they are pulled to Installation 07 through unknown means. Regrouping with The Master Chief, they provide fire support and bases for the UNSC forces on Zeta Halo to be coordinated. Though by the end of this campaign, the Spirit of Fire is destroyed in the process in order to destroy the Crashed Guardian (seen to the south of the vista of Halo Infinite’s playable area), stranding the UNSC Forces there and leading to an uphill battle again.

This proposed DLC would have a 7 mission campaign, add 2 new maps to regular PvP, 1 new map to Firefight, 1 new Blitz Map, and two new commanders : Master Chief & The Weapon as a UNSC Commander and Thrallslayer from Halo Wars 1 as the Banished Commander.

As a bonus, if you play this Halo Wars 2 Campaign DLC, Halo Infinite players should unlock the Mark IV Gen-I Armor Core.

Thoughts anyone?


That’s a great idea. I also want all commanders from Halo Wars 2 to appear in Halo Infinite

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Appreciate the effort, but given events of Divine Wind I think Haruspis’ suggestions of a Battle of the Five Armies type deal on the Ark is far more likely.

Check out his awesome blog here: https://haruspis.blog/2021/11/10/divine-wind-future-of-halo-infinite/

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I think your on to something.


a lot of us don’t see halo wars as part of the mainline shooter’s cannon it’s more of a side universe really

I can understand that with Halo Wars 1, what with the Mark IV having shields on your Spartan Units, and Harvest still being contested for five years.

Halo Wars 1 was originally going to be a story of its own, as the game itself wasn’t really supposed to be a Halo game.

It is actually kinda funny. One of the Bungie Devs left to stop making Halo games.
He worked with Ensemble Studios to make an RTS game that would have sci-fi elements.
Project_Phoenix was the stand-in title.
Ensemble presented it to Microsoft.
Microsoft basically said
Hey your story is great and all, and we will of course take your game to the Xbox… but it sounds like a Halo game… … … you know what… … … make it a Halo game.

So as a result, the script got a few minor tweaks. Ensemble and Bungie had a love-hate relationship as they were forced to work together to make a game, with Ensemble making the game and Bungie having to stop or approve of certain choices.

All the while that one Bungie dev who left was probably seething. All because he left in order to stop making Halo games and STILL HAD TO MAKE A HALO GAME !