DLC Sale

Alright for those of you that never bought the map packs for REACH, now would be the best time to do so. Why?

  1. The Noble and Defiant map pack cost 400MP each, so you can buy the Noble and Defiant Map packs for 800mp in total.

Some of you have noticed that the Premium playlist was taken down a while ago. The reason for that was to incorporate the DLC maps with the regular playlist.

  1. If more people begin to purchase the maps the DLC maps will become a more common place thing instead of popping up at around every 2 of 10 games.

I`m not saying that you “HAVE TO BUY OR BLARG BLARG BLARG”, just saying that it would be a better experience to play on maps that we paid for on a regular bases.

BTW here is a link for the price details.

Also its a 1-DAY-SALE so if your interested in the maps go and buy them.

Although IMO the Anniversary Map pack is the best, but sadly it`s not on sale.

Cheapskates that have been holding out have about 0 excuses now. Make Matchmaking better for everyone, and buy the maps.


Yeah and remember when you buy them you are supporting the efforts of halo 4 to be made as best as possible!

T-T if only there was a way to better advertise the sale going on for the map packs >.> c,mon 343i i`m sure you guys can do better then just having a single post on the front of the main page.