DLC required playlists

Is 343i ever going to make regular playlists DLC required? (noble/defiant)

I’ve seen soo many complaints about this with people only having the defiant/noble and having 0 playlists to play them in. You can get lucky and have every one in the lobby have them but that RARELY happens.

343i needs to do this like Bungie did in Halo 3.

agreed, i want my achievements


> Agreed. Outside of Premium and NMP, I haven’t played Anchor 9 since June, Tempest in 2 months, Highlands since April, and Breakpoint since Feburary. Why should I play a single playlist just to use and enjoy the maps I payed for?
> More playlists should ATLEAST require Noble. I mean the Noble has been out for over a year, many people should have it by now.
> The first playlist that springs to my mind to have Noble required is BTB, which right now is nothing but Forge World. Might aswell call it Big Team Gray and call it a day (lol). That throws in Tempest and Breakpoint. Multi Team, and Squad (or TS) could use it aswell.