'DLC required' on rotational basis?

Could we give some thought to making some of the playlists DLC required on a rotational basis?

e.g week 1: BTB is DLC required, week 2 infinity slayer is DLC required and so on.

This would give all of us poor saps who paid for the maps an opportunity to actually play the content we paid for whilst only causing minor inconvenience for those who did not.

I see this as being a very fair compromise. Please post constructive comments rather than selfish ones :slight_smile:

Problem is that those 6v6 games don’t cut the mustard on some of those larger maps.

For a guy who has never brought DLC, I think I could live with that.

It would be a fair compromise which I would be willing to take.

However, I see alot of others complaining about this, so it is unlikely they would do it.

Next week they are bringing in a ‘featured DLC playlist’ which will just be a DLC only playlist which will rotate between the different DLC map packs. They are starting it off with Majestic.

Hope they have a suitable number of players.

Should be ok. I think they are retiring Castle DLC and Community Forge so should make up for it. A lot of people still don’t have all the achievements from the DLC content yet either so should get the achievement hunters back at least.