DLC playlists should help achievements

Here is my story, I love halo and want to have all the achievements, I don’t care too much about achievements, but I take pride in having halo achievements. Of course if the DLC is not worth it, I wont get it. That’s why I don’t have all the halo wars achievements. Back on track, around Christmas time I saw the Defiant maps were on sale, so I broke down and bought them, oh but what is this, there is no way for me to get the achievements it comes with because there is no DLC playlist, that would have probably been all I needed to know to not buy the map pack. After a while squad DLC playlist came out, I am very happy about this because with the exception of Anchor 9, none of the DLC maps ever show up. So I am very happy about this, But I still can’t get a couple of achievements, So I suggest some double xp weekends that focus on DLC maps, this will entice people to buy the maps, and allows the people who have the maps to play some different game types, like infection on Defiant maps! Please 343 consider my dilemma and know that I can’t be the only one who feels “jipped” from the DLC.

Side note: please figure out a way for me to get on these forums without deleting all my cookies.