DLC Playlist... Please

Okay, I know it has been unsuccessful before, but there should be a playlist with all the DLC required + launch maps. Would anyone else like that? I paid plenty of money for those maps I never play.

Agreed. I don’t even remember which maps came with the Castle pack.

It’s really annoying that they don’t have them in the playlist. The old maps are starting to get really dull.

I get them all the time.

Maybe you can try some different game types?

While I routinely see Crimson in the playlists a fair amount, I have only played Castle one time in matchmaking so far and I’m regretting having bought it (even though I think Castle has the best maps yet).

I don’t know why they haven’t already.

I haven’t bought the map packs because all I hear is how little people get to play them. I’m sure I’m not alone. I have the money to spend, give me a reason to spend it!

I don’t even have the DLC, but I agree.

I just played some Action Sack with DLC maps and my first thought was “I must add these people to my friends list.”.

That’s wrong.