This is coming from a guy that just purchased the season pass, so if people can understand my frustration it would be greatly appreciated.

Okay so here I’m thinking Halo 4 is still one of the top 360 games people play. Ok, I was wrong, Black ops kicks your -Yoink-.

Here’s a bright idea.

IF you made a playlist that incorporates ALL DLC MAPS in ONE COMPETITIVE MATCHMAKING PLAYLIST. Dont you think it would generate DLC SALES and PLEASE FANS of the game?

I don’t know anything about producing games, playlists, or anything. But if your making your own forge maps to put into matchmaking it cant be that difficult.


PLAYING HAVEN GETS BORING. WE NEED FRESHNESS. If you gave up on Halo 4 too move onto the next project fine, but throw us a freaking bone here.


One pissed off halo 4 gamer

I forgot to say why I’m pissed.

If you didn’t read between the lines, I’m only playing the majestic map pack and haven’t touched the other 2 that I purchased. They never come up in matchmaking because I keep getting put with other players that don’t have them.

The problem is, the regular playlists only play DLC when everybody in the lobby has the content. Halo 4 Matchmaking mixes players together regardless of DLC, which causes the low frequency of those maps.

The issue was in Reach, too. I only have the Majestic pack and have only played it once outside of the playlist designated for it. The only way to fix this problem is to make DLC required for more playlists or create playlists to accommodate them. With the second choice, however, we risk cutting up Halo 4’s population even more, which we don’t want.

Also, Majestic’s maps differ greatly in size from Crimson and Castle. Two playlists for each would likely be necessary, which contributes to the population fragmenting problem.

Thanks for your answer.

Even if it did cut the overall matchmaking population, there would still be a few hundred-thousand players on the hypothetical DLC ONLY Playlists. At this point, who cares? Treat the DLC customers with respect this late in the game with xbox one coming out. I feel ripped off. You can’t make the assumption that it will cut the population to a point that 343 doesn’t want it too without knowing the numbers.