DLC on Xbox one

Hello Halo community, a dumb question here but, is there any way to transfer my previosuly bought DLC for halo 4 onto an Xbox one console? thank you very much for the help!

Sorry OP, but no game content like DLC from the Xbox 360 transfers over to the 360. 343i would have to include the extra weapon skins, etc. that came as DLC, not sure if they’ll ever get round to doing that. With backwards compatibility coming to the X1 though, there is always the possibility that Halo 4 will be one of those games and all the DLC should carry over (from what I’ve been reading anyways)

Thank you for your help! Now, seeing as your service record states you’ve played the master chief collection, does that include the halo 4 game of the year edition with all the DLC? I’m only concerned because I don’t want to have to buy the champions pack again and such

Sadly it doesn’t. Pitfall and Vertigo maps are present, but none of the weapons skins (apart from the base ones) were pulled across and the football style armour wasn’t added as well, which is a real shame. I really loved the steampunk skins :frowning:

That really is a downer! Well, I appreciate all the support, I sincerely hope the backwards compatibility update will transfer all of the halo communities DLC to the X1 as it seems like a waste of money to the fans who purchased in game content. Till then we can only hope though, thanks again!