DLC Not being seen

I’m sure this has been touched on multiple times, but I am unable to get Halo 4 to see my War Games Pass DLC. I’ve deleted and installed multiple times. I’ve cleared system cache and installed multiple times. I’ve deleted war games pass and DLC and reinstalled. I’ve recover gamer tag and reinstalled. I’ve tried multiple discs and still nothing. Can anyone help me in what I need to do.

Do you ever use you profile on any different consoles? Because sometimes the system gets confused when it tries to check your DLC Content when it’s stored on a different console.

Only have the one console.

When you say unable to the DLC do you mean as voting options in matchmaking? Or is it in Forge too?

If its just that they don’t show in matchmaking, then its probably because you’re getting matched up with people who don’t have the DLC.

What I mean is that is says I don’t have the DLC on the list for matchmaking, but I have them available when I do custom games.