DLC - my ideas... Post If you want.

Hey gamers,Wouldn’t it be awesome if 343i released a short 5-mission campaign that explained johns mission on reach (including flashbacks to his childhood)
and even a playable: “Operation:First Strike”… (which is what happened between halo 1 and halo 2)
I just think it would be cool as both of these stories have huge tie-ins to reach, and we will be able to play as John before and immediately after the events of Halo.
Now I don’t expect 343i to create this as they are obviously busy making a kick -Yoink- halo 4, but it would be awesome for the diehard fans, such as myself.

It would also give 343i a chance to remake sandtrap and sidewinder… If they wished.

No. Reach broke the original Halo canon.

Now you want to put the broken canon into the game.

That would be limited. Reach fell in 1 day originally.

Now, Reach fell in the span of 2 months+. wtf.

Yeah… I don’t see that happening. Maybe release a map or two… but I don’t see that happening either.