DLC Matchmaking

I’ve never gotten a Halo DLC, so I’m wondering how matchmaking works with them. If you have a map pack downloaded, will selecting a regular Team Slayer match match you with players with the same maps, or just the default maps, and you have to go to the DLC playlists for the DLC maps?

For the most part unless your playing the DLC playlist its kind of hard to get the newer maps .

Maybe like 1 in every 10 super slayer games are on the newer maps .

The game has an algorithm put in place that will attempt to match you up with DLC owners, the sad part is that many players don’t own the DLC compared to the sales for Halo 3, so the algorithm can’t play as much effect as 343i wanted it too.

For the most part, you will have to search in Squad DLC to even have a chance of finding DLC in Matchmaking.

BTB Heavies on Eminence

First time I’ve gotten a DLC map in BTB. And it…was…awesome!!! I loved Eminence (Highlands). DLC BTB maps can actually incorporate Gauss Hogs so that was fun (until I ran into the Scorpion!). Plus the teleporters were useful and it didn’t seem like there were tons of heavy wepons, just enough to kill vehicles as needed.

But as I said, it’s the first time I’ve gotten a DLC map in BTB. Probably the last too. :frowning: