DLC maps

Perhaps in the near future for DLC content we could get some oldies but goodies in terms of maps, such as The Pit, Warlord, Sanctuary, countdown, etc.

I am sure we will get some re-creates, or if you saw in one of the newest Sprint videos, they are being recreated in forge pretty easily so if 343i doesn’t release them, maybe someone else will.

I want Guardian back…it would fit well in Halo 5

That would be sweet. But I’m kinda scared they’re just going to make forge maps and ship those. Thats what I got from watching The Sprint at least.

I mean to the very least, it would make for some new maps in Arena, because honestly, i constantly get Orion and Plaza, and they’re starting to get old for me.
Would be nice if we could see Truth and Empire as slayer maps and Coliseum as a CTF map, a little more diversity in gamemodes/maps would be nice