dlc maps in matchmaking more often??????

since they got rid of squad dlc are they going to make the dlc apper more often in other playlist. i have had the defient for a long time but NEVER play one in matchmaking unless i do squad dlc at a freinds.

When I play by myself with randoms I never see DLC. But when I play with a full party (and that’s often) we get DLC maps pretty regularly. I played Tempest, Anchor 9, Condemned, Highlands and some Anniversary maps today as a matter of fact.

The maps are no doubt going to be a lot harder to find. I haven’t been able to find them myself. DLC maps and community ones are the only maps I can stand playing so I need to find them more.

I’m extremely dissapointed with the most recent playlist update. I’ve purchased ALL the DLC they have available for this game, but I virtually never get to play with any of them anymore :frowning: