DLC Majestic, Crimson & Castle CLAN

Hello my people. If you are looking for a “Clan” or better a Group of Spartans that have <mark>DLC Majestic, Castle and Crimson map packs</mark> and want to play in them more often do the following:

  • Log in to Xbox LIVE and click on ‘Social’
  • Press ‘Friends’ and then ‘Add Friend’
  • Enter in my Gamertag BLOOD DAIMON
  • Add a Voice Message in the request telling me you read this.
  • Click ‘Send Request’
    Once I’ve received your request, I will call in other Spartans to play and to chat with. No need to chat, no need of headsets… JUST THE NEED TO PLAY ON THOSE MAPS AND THE TRADITIONAL ONES!!!

Once I accept your request we can play in any map you want immediately… But of course take into account I am publishing this Topic on February 20 2014. So I’m starting making the net.